Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.
— Elizabeth Stone

My favorite neighbor had a baby! And our little world of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, becomes just that much more special. My BFF, my partner in crime, is the most beautiful mother I could imagine. Baby Isla so beautiful already. It's so powerful how this little person arrived as if she was always here, already so calm and inquisitive, already the little Isla she will be. 

Already Isla Lucille can't take her eyes off of her sister!

Already Isla Lucille can't take her eyes off of her sister!


tiny gazelle

This family has a special place in my heart. Photo producer, child wrangler and former magazine editor Sarah gave me one of my first career "big breaks" when she hired me for an American Baby magazine shoot many years ago, and has been a cheerful sounding board, super-supporter and beautiful friend ever since. 

When she married her hilarious and hunky husband Ethan, ("...yes, you can mention me on your blog, but only about the obvious stuff... like how I am built like a tree, yet move like a gazelle...") I was thrilled, and when little Bennett came along, I floored it out to Connecticut to meet him!

Little Bennett was so happy and smiley... I feel like he is already creating his first one-liners in that sweet little developing brain of his.

Norwalk, CT

Norwalk, CT

I'll be here all week! Tip your waitress.

I'll be here all week! Tip your waitress.

What would you do with a drunken (sleeping!) sailor? (one eye isn't sleeping!)

What would you do with a drunken (sleeping!) sailor? (one eye isn't sleeping!)

stifling a laugh... why's the lady flying over my crib? I think she's gonna fall.

stifling a laugh... why's the lady flying over my crib? I think she's gonna fall.

Look! Bennett has a tiny toupee!

Look! Bennett has a tiny toupee!

Bennett, I can't wait until you learn to talk. Oh, the things you will say!


Fall at Age 2

In Central Park, there is so much to see. Together last weekend, 2-year old Layla and I visited Alice in Wonderland, made fallen-leaf angels, and marveled at the remote control sailboats that shimmered happily across the pond. There is almost nothing that didn't make her giggle!  (And seriously, that hot-pink puffer vest? Covet.) 

I've been L's friend since she was six months old. She is always one of the sweetest sessions of the year! My job SO does not suck. 




Central Park, October 2013

Spring has sprung

Hey, hey models! Let's update your books with something fresh and summery, no? Follow me. I'm chasing the sun.

Greenpoint, Brooklyn. May 2013


Tribeca, October 2012

New yorkers show their rallying spirit, in the most brilliant way. We all root for each other. Check out how these marathoners helped out their communities on the day of the would-be race. And this is an exceptional slideshow of Sandy photos, so New York.

And here's my favorite tiny New Yorker for today, even from her small stature showing the same enthusiasm for her fellow man as the rest of the taller variety!

oh hello squirrel

A squirrel above us wanted to make friends. We know this because he kept dropping acorns on our heads! "Hello, Mr. Squirrel!"

Payton found this hilarious, but we went in search of safer pastures... best to avoid a mid-photoshoot THUNK!


California Dreamin'... Kuester Style!

Well, my love affair with 8-month old Jesse was love at first raspberry, so imagine the fun I had frolicking around SLO and Grover Beach with this wonderful family! I got to see the California poppies I've missed since moving to the east coast, I ate great fish tacos in the open shade with a warm breeze, and I ate one GIANT caramel apple (in about 43 seconds!) Here's a little snapshot of our day, with an emphasis on the star of the moment--and the apple of my friend Jen's eyes--JESSE! <3

Little Tot, Big City

Though this is little Zayne's last week in NYC, he'll never forget where he came from after our fun frolic in Central Park! These are your ROOTS little Z! NYC, baby!

I was extra thrilled to meet this little tyke after realizing he was a friend of a friend of my family's, and wouldn't you know it--they were the cutest family ever. I should have known! Three cheers for Zayne and his parents as they embark on a new life in a different city... Best Wishes from ANAPHOTO! <3

Here's Zayne's Collage and a sample Custom-designed 8x8 book cover and book page. No two books are the same! Have you inquired about a custom book yet from your shoot? Give us a buzz!

Harlow's Magical Seaside Kingdom, Part 1

Uf--wow! Buh..amazing! Ahhhhhhh... These are my reactions as I stare at this most incredible little girl. Harlow is the precious cargo of one of my best friends from childhood, and I absolutely could not be more enchanted by her little voice, little imagination, her whole little self. And, I'm not at ALL surprised that she's such a clever munchkin--after all, she comes from Ellise & Steve! Hold onto your hats and magic wands... here's Harlow! <3

Lakeside at Failthe, Part 2!

With our friend Clark Griswold (I mean, Scott) at the wheel, we were sure to get to the lake safely, so after 42 stops for snacks, we managed to arrive safe and sound (through fields of green ferns!) and then jet back out to scoot around the surrounding towns for coffee and dinner after sunning! We took the scenic route a few times. On purpose. We literally spent the entire trip giggling at silly personal jokes and made up words, it was SUCH A FUN TRIP! <3

Lakeside at Failthe, Part 1

They say the things that come together at the last minute are often the most memorable, and this Memorial Day weekend is a perfect example of that rule. A fine group of friends and I visited a MOST fine lake, and had a DIVINE time splashing, canoeing and sunning our way through the weekend. It was my first time to the lakes of PA, and I will DEFINITELY be returning, STAT. The water was clear, warm and still, and weather was so fair that we opted to sleep on the floating dock in the middle of the lake!