Entrepreneur Spotlight: Abbi Marie Yoga

The objective for Abbi Marie’s photographs was to show the beauty and inner calm of a life lived with a full heart, a life in which “I AM ENOUGH”. For Abbi, this manifests in her yoga practice but also in her world view. We engaged many different elements of her professional dance background to counterpoint the forward-thinking and easy flow of her present and future in the wellness space. Catch her at a Y7 studio near you!

Abbi-Marie-Yoga-4414 by ana gambuto.jpg
Abbi-Marie-Yoga-3567 by ana gambuto.jpg
Abbi-Marie-Yoga-3816 by ana gambuto.jpg
Abbi-Marie-Yoga-4334 by ana gambuto.jpg
Abbi-Marie-Yoga-4257 by ana gambuto.jpg