sister, newly

Here's a recent newborn session I love! Having known this little gal's mama for many years and having shot her older brother only made my excitement for this session more concentrated. There's something really fun about shooting the new sibling of a child I know and love, especially if I also shot them at the same age. I love spotting familiar mannerisms and expressions, and the similarities in this case were visible at just nine days old. Older brother Derek was away in school but trust me - these two are peas in a pod! 

Photoshoots are nap-friendly.

Photoshoots are nap-friendly.

Introducing baby Zoe, the happiest baby on the block. She was one of the most eager subjects I've encountered in forever! At nine days old she seemed to follow me around the room with her eyes. She was very interested in all of us moving and chattering around her as we fluffed pillows and planned our angles. Perhaps a future assistant?

between-shot snuggles

Finally, a snack and some sleep. A job well done!

Finally, a snack and some sleep. A job well done!

Brooklyn Baby love

I'm so smitten with these sweet chipmunk cheeks! Here's a crisp Fall afternoon in Cobble Hill with a family as loving as they come... such a stunning way to while away an afternoon away. And the backdrop of brownstone Brooklyn never disappoints, I must say!

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

October 2014

Baby's First Sugar!

SUBTITLE: My sweet nephew Lucian just turned one!

The birthday boy gets a papa snuggle!

The birthday boy gets a papa snuggle!

With food from childhood friend and accomplished chef Ariel Fox and lots of handmade touches by Lucian's mom, Sashka, this family-style party was full of love and personal touches. And beautiful things to photograph! The party took place in a beautiful converted warehouse loft in Rockland county, where Lucian's parents made their home after leaving Brooklyn. All the city-dwellers were agape at the beauty that is everywhere once you leave the city. We were mesmerized by the fall leaves changing colors, and spent serious time at the farmer's market on the way to the party. (At least I did!)

Tiny photos from Lucian's first year were strung up on one wall, hot air balloons cut from maps were strung up in the entryway. Beautifully colored party hats were passed around with enthusiasm from everyone but the birthday boy, though we tricked him into wearing one for approximately 23 seconds!

Piermont, NY

Piermont, NY

All the cute tots in attendance played outside in the warm weather with the leaves, and football was played as well with care not to trip over all the little ones.  

The couple's world travel is evident from the colorful artifacts all around the apartment! Lucian is learning about the world.

The couple's world travel is evident from the colorful artifacts all around the apartment! Lucian is learning about the world.

A mask from Cambodia

A mask from Cambodia

All of Lucian's friends are gathered around to coo. He is totally fine with this!

All of Lucian's friends are gathered around to coo. He is totally fine with this!

And finally, it came time for cake. Lucian's first taste of proper refined sugar! He's skeptical at first, but catches on quickly. Then, just as fast, he ditches the cake to the floor for a chance at dumping out and splashing his water. Smart move, kid. Keep the sugar at bay for as long as possible! 

The grown-ups are acting strange. SUSPICIOUS!

The grown-ups are acting strange. SUSPICIOUS!

rock, rock, twist

Putting a newborn to sleep is no easy feat. (Duh)

I’ve got it! This is the formula. Listen closely. Rock, rock, twist-while-cooing, rock, walk, make SHHHH sound, repeat.

"It works every time!" --said no Mom ever. 

While there's no hard fast rule for getting baby to sleep, I found beauty in the process of trying.  And then I got to read books and chase baby Isabelle's big brother! I left the hard stuff to Mom. 

Night-night, Isabelle...?

Looks like we're almost there! (sigh)

thinking about it...

Thanks for the swaddle! So, anyone up for a round of gin rummy?

my nephew, learning to walk

This little dude really makes my day. Learning to walk is just days away! 


hang on, buddy. I got ya.

daddy's girls

Sisters playing on the stoop, summer breeze in the air... today will be a great day. Daddy's girls! 

pajama party

Rain, rain go away! Actually, you can stay. There's a pajama party in the house! LET'S STAY IN BED! 

Pajama Party in Manhattan, 2014

(No lamps, picture frames or selves were harmed in the making of this blogpost... YOU'RE IT!)


Don't forget me!

Here's the Varsity PJ party player with the Referee...

Planning strategy...

hello, future helpers!

Dear new baby sisters,

It's only a matter of time before you will copy everything I do, so I'm going to start being a role model now. Would you like to hear a story?

Reading Curious George, NYC

Reading Curious George, NYC

You guys are so cute... but sometimes you cry a lot. I'll just take a nap in the other room.

Big sisters need "me" time. 

I'm so glad you've arrived. I have so much to tell you and show you...


#1 Big Sister


I happily braved the polar-apocalypse in New York City today (6 inches of snow, 13 degrees, wind going sideways!) to visit a glorious day-lit penthouse, the home of five-week-old Vivienne! She's truly a chipmunk-cheeked delight.

It's days like today I am grateful for my job as a borough-roving baby-lover... it takes more than a winter storm to keep me from a new human that wants their photo taken...

Big brother Bob was adjusting well, with the assistance of delicious organic treats. It's the effort that counts, Bob. Don't look at me like that. There's nothing in my pocket.

With the storm in full swing, Viv's mom and I were in no hurry to wrap up the shoot. We gabbed and exclaimed as the snow outside the forty-ninth floor actually snowed UPWARDS. (why didn't I take a video! I was too stunned...)

All three of us, Viv included, enjoyed a snowy afternoon wrap-party beverage as the sun retreated into the stormy white sky. 

Goodnight, Viv!

Welcome to my yard! Would you like a tomato?

OH, how to describe the spunk of little Ella? She just bounced around this gorgeous back yard for the entire time I visited! She loves to chase bubbles, eat tomatoes (and ONLY tomatoes!) and was so adorably inquisitive about my camera! She loved how she could see her reflection in the big glass face of my lens, and peered into it every chance she got. I can't wait to see this one grow! P.S. My friends Julie and Matt are the proud (and LUCKY, i might add!) parents of this most delicious little peanut! <3

Lauren and Devin: The Secret Garden…

As if I wasn't excited enough about seeing these girls again (I used to babysit them when they were infants!) I got an EXTRA BIG THRILL after arriving at the girls' gorgeous Scotts Valley home and seeing their positively magnificent backyard! It was a true secret garden, of the most magical kind. The hazyness of the day just made the surroundings that much more twinkly! I couldn't help but throw in a BUNCH of garden details, to help you grasp the EXPERIENCE of this day...sweet things all around!

At Jasmine’s House: Part 1

What can I possibly say about my afternoon at Casa Jasmine? How do you describe a group of friends so lovely, kind and totally rad that they defy definition... who not only welcomed me into their home like family but who let me instigate a major pillow fight with their kids--just so I could get the picture I wanted? Who cooked me the best crispy kale and moroccan rice I've EVER HAD?! I guess I don't have the words! You'll just have to take a peek below. You will soon see how I am speechless with gratitude to this group, and most of all--LOOK HOW MUCH FUN WE HAD! This is only part 1 of MULTIPLE parts, so definitely stay tuned for the rest... the BEST is yet to come! Thank you Jasmine, Jesse and Sarah! <3

Presenting Baby Derek! (And WELCOME to the NEW ANAPHOTO blog!)

Welcome to my new ANAPHOTO Wordpress blog! Wow. So much time and effort went into the creation of this blog, it's amazing to finally present it--and I was incredibly lucky to have such amazing collaborators. (Here's lookin' at you Westi and Betsy!) So what's the name of the blog all about? Well, I love to shoot portraits of people in their tiny years, that part is clear.  But also,'s a... a worldview, an outlook, a meditation.

Every time reach into your pocket or blink open your eyes in the morning, Root for Tiny Victories. Savor the commonplace. Blinks. Exclamations. Little poofs of space and time that can be wrapped up in your memory like little twinkling nuggets, little stars that don't ever fade out. Glances, fragrances, little nothingness moments with someone wonderful you encounter, each little lesson put into your path, it's all worth rooting for.  That's how I feel! Who's with me?

Root toot!

Here's a most incredible Tiny Victory... the brand-new 2 week old baby Derek Lobron! He was SO good for the camera today, so serene. He was still and alert for many, many minutes on end... an incredible gift to a photographer, so rare in a newborn. Thank you for having me over to your house Derek! See you soon!