Making Signs for the Women's March | Brooklyn Photographer Ana Gambuto

My friend Ashley is an artist. She makes incredible crafts and art works by hand, with just paper, pen, and paint. She and l realized we were both going to the Women's March together, and we decided to throw a sign-making party for our community! 


We gathered and purchased supplies, and Ashley painted us a party logo sign. We sent out a bunch of emails, and the response was fantastic! Kids and adults alike showed up to make signs to march for Women's rights here at home in NYC or in Washington DC. Some people weren't even able to attend a march, but wanted to make art anyway. We figure everyone will need posters and buttons to wear for the ongoing resistance!

Ashley created some button designs to start us off, and then people could also use a circle template to make their own buttons!

Ashley created some button designs to start us off, and then people could also use a circle template to make their own buttons!

Tristin and Tyler came to the party! They're always out and about helping their community. 

It started crazy snowing outside during our art party! It was so pretty to watch the flakes out the ninth floor of our workshop. We rented the beautiful space by the day from Breather, and had a great experience! It's a nice way to hold a short gathering in NYC when there's too many people to be at your own house.


Just a few of the buttons we made!

Who runs the world? GIRLS!

A Sign-making Party for the Women's March on Washington! With Artist Ashley Page Norton and photographer Ana Gambuto.

We're so proud of our work and we had a blast just hanging out and making things with our community. See you at the March, or if I don't, I stand with you wherever you are! 

A Twinkling Baby Shower at ABC Kitchen

I've always joked that ABC Kitchen is my happy place. It's white and bright and full of the most wonderful objects, the best of the best from the wonders of ABC Home.


The table setting included little cards for other moms to give their words of advice to the mama-to-be!

And that's all before you've tasted THE FOOD. Oh, the food!

Cake pops and sugar cookies

As a guest at Marcella's shower, you could peer through the glass wall at one end and view the Willy Wonka-esque room of blue desserts just beyond. She planned and designed the entire party with meticulous detail and taste, and the folks in event planning at ABC were so good-natured and smile-y. They work fast and they are crazy-efficient in running an event! Impressed. (Follow them on insta! I do.) 

This baby shower was literally twinkling. The lighting, the happy faces and of course, the SWEETS!

From chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing to glazed doughnuts to snowball cookies, no sweet tooth was left unsatisfied. And the crowning glory? A custom cake by Marcella's very talented cousin, Melissa. The white tower was adorned with tiny, perfect white letters all over for some serious tone on tone loveliness, and then the baby's name in blue. Dreamy!


Most people couldn't take their eyes off the desserts, but the lunch was beautiful too. There were toasts with kabocha squash, fresh ricotta and apple cider vinegar followed by a pear and apple salad with blue cheese dressing, fines herbs and candied pecans and mini akaushi cheeseburgers with herbed mayo and pickled jalapenos, as well as about 50 other amazing things not pictured here. Big fan. Huge!

Marcella's gift bags included these cute little jars that contained all the ingredients to make a batch of cookies! The layers of the ingredients are visible through the glass, they are like a work of art. Absolutely gorge! Find them at DJars Cookie Co.

The kids in attendance had their own craft table where they could make their own crowns, make drawings and paint onesies for baby Luca! 


One of my all-time favorite venues, period. ABC Kitchen!

Sharing this event was really so much fun, poring over everything for hours, re-living the day. I'm resolving to blog more of my special events along with my portrait sessions - especially when they're filled with such DIVINE food! 


Weddings by Ana

One of my New Year's resolutions is to re-do my website! (The never-ending un-finish-able task, am I right, artists and entrepreneurs?) Nevertheless, I began that process last month in January, and I took my wedding gallery down off the website while I tinker. 

As I go, I'm uncovering all kinds of beautiful memories of my glowing brides and grooms, and they deserve to see the light of day, er--lights of the internet! So while tinkering continues, I'm posting some images here that I am particularly fond of. 

Black and white images are often heart-stoppers like no other.

Other times, only color will do.

dress by Marchesa Bridal, dress shot on location at El Encanto in Santa Barbara, CA

Shot on location at Atwood Ranch in Sonoma, CA

El Encanto , Santa Barbara, planned by  Tara Bassi

El Encanto, Santa Barbara, planned by Tara Bassi

Sea Cliff Manor , Long Island, New York

Sea Cliff Manor, Long Island, New York


NYC taxi

But before all the legal stuff begins... it's fun to be engaged!

Bryant Park, New York City

Central Park, New York City

Central Park, New York City

Central Park, New York City

You can see more weddings by Ana here, more engagement shoots by Ana here, and more of everything on my Instagram feed here

Loving all you lovebirds...


Baby's First Sugar!

SUBTITLE: My sweet nephew Lucian just turned one!

The birthday boy gets a papa snuggle!

The birthday boy gets a papa snuggle!

With food from childhood friend and accomplished chef Ariel Fox and lots of handmade touches by Lucian's mom, Sashka, this family-style party was full of love and personal touches. And beautiful things to photograph! The party took place in a beautiful converted warehouse loft in Rockland county, where Lucian's parents made their home after leaving Brooklyn. All the city-dwellers were agape at the beauty that is everywhere once you leave the city. We were mesmerized by the fall leaves changing colors, and spent serious time at the farmer's market on the way to the party. (At least I did!)

Tiny photos from Lucian's first year were strung up on one wall, hot air balloons cut from maps were strung up in the entryway. Beautifully colored party hats were passed around with enthusiasm from everyone but the birthday boy, though we tricked him into wearing one for approximately 23 seconds!

Piermont, NY

Piermont, NY

All the cute tots in attendance played outside in the warm weather with the leaves, and football was played as well with care not to trip over all the little ones.  

The couple's world travel is evident from the colorful artifacts all around the apartment! Lucian is learning about the world.

The couple's world travel is evident from the colorful artifacts all around the apartment! Lucian is learning about the world.

A mask from Cambodia

A mask from Cambodia

All of Lucian's friends are gathered around to coo. He is totally fine with this!

All of Lucian's friends are gathered around to coo. He is totally fine with this!

And finally, it came time for cake. Lucian's first taste of proper refined sugar! He's skeptical at first, but catches on quickly. Then, just as fast, he ditches the cake to the floor for a chance at dumping out and splashing his water. Smart move, kid. Keep the sugar at bay for as long as possible! 

The grown-ups are acting strange. SUSPICIOUS!

The grown-ups are acting strange. SUSPICIOUS!

Crawfish for Cancer event, 2010!

I had the BEST afternoon photographing the Crawfish for Cancer event yesterday at the Boat Basin on the Upper West Side! This event always goes off like a rocket, and this year has a record amount of attendees! Crawfish and mint juleps were enjoyed by all, and I'm a proud, proud sponsor. Though it was supposed to rain this weekend, it sure didn't! As creator Jimmy Crowell always says, "God smiles on Crawfish day!" since it is ALWAYS due to rain on the day of the event, but never does! ? Here's the rest of the photos, but of course my faves are below!

Petit Confection + Mamaista!

Talk about a chic shindig--welcome to Petit Confection's launch party at the famous Sweetie Pie restaurant in the west village! Savvy moms and adorable tykes alike frolicked and played in stunning french-inspired clothing on Tuesday, where everyone was dining on delightful bites and enjoying the company of NYC moms-in-the-know like Elina of Mamaista, the chic little daily for moms, and countless other smiling faces. I could deal with an assignment like this EVERY DAY! (pass another meringue, please!) The rest of the party pics can be seen here, and video to come soon from Gugamovies.

SUNSILK + Teddy Charles = Insane Hair Perfection!

Take a gander at THESE babes... what do they all have in common? YES! You said it. Fabulous hair! Thanks to the expertise of world-renown hairstylist Teddy Charles and his newly designed line for SUNSILK, these beauty bloggers and Beauty Experts have got it GOIN' ON. I had SO much fun photographing this event, and I think it shows. Scroll down, and prepare to ooh and ahhh at those locks! <3, Ana