The 1-year-old CAKE SMASH! | Brooklyn Photographer Ana Gambuto

Recently I've had a lot of requests for a special kind of photoshoot - and it TICKLES me good - the CAKE SMASH to celebrate a one-year-old's birthday!

Ooh-lala! Baby pink ruffles on three tiers, created to perfection by Nine Cakes.

The first year of life is so much fun, with new milestones early daily. There are rites of passage left and right, though often, babies reach their 1-year mark having never or rarely eaten sugar! What better way to break in those new teeth than a camera-ready crowd of cheering people initiating baby into the world of The Sugar High! 

The key is to place the cake down, and then... give it time! It takes sometimes 10-15 minutes for the little one to figure out the whole cake situation and how fun it can be! 

How cute is this puppy-themed cake? Betsy at Nine Cakes does it again! 

It can also be a good idea to get down to just a diaper before the grand cake smash begins!

Clear the floor, it's about to get a sugar-crusted coating. 

This gorgeous little number is from Ovenly bakery!

Making Signs for the Women's March | Brooklyn Photographer Ana Gambuto

My friend Ashley is an artist. She makes incredible crafts and art works by hand, with just paper, pen, and paint. She and l realized we were both going to the Women's March together, and we decided to throw a sign-making party for our community! 


We gathered and purchased supplies, and Ashley painted us a party logo sign. We sent out a bunch of emails, and the response was fantastic! Kids and adults alike showed up to make signs to march for Women's rights here at home in NYC or in Washington DC. Some people weren't even able to attend a march, but wanted to make art anyway. We figure everyone will need posters and buttons to wear for the ongoing resistance!

Ashley created some button designs to start us off, and then people could also use a circle template to make their own buttons!

Ashley created some button designs to start us off, and then people could also use a circle template to make their own buttons!

Tristin and Tyler came to the party! They're always out and about helping their community. 

It started crazy snowing outside during our art party! It was so pretty to watch the flakes out the ninth floor of our workshop. We rented the beautiful space by the day from Breather, and had a great experience! It's a nice way to hold a short gathering in NYC when there's too many people to be at your own house.


Just a few of the buttons we made!

Who runs the world? GIRLS!

A Sign-making Party for the Women's March on Washington! With Artist Ashley Page Norton and photographer Ana Gambuto.

We're so proud of our work and we had a blast just hanging out and making things with our community. See you at the March, or if I don't, I stand with you wherever you are! 

A family shoot at home | Brooklyn Photographer Ana Gambuto

Yeah, I know it's dark at 3pm and it's colder than cold out, but the sun DOES still rise... and from in here, you can't even tell! Don't be afraid to plan a shoot indoors in the winter, especially if these slower months are the only time you might get around to it.

Clinton Hill's 5lb. new resident, and his puppy | Ana Gambuto Photography


I am so excited to share these photos of baby Kaden! I've known K's mama for many years, and she's a total NYC bad ass, having worked for every A-list photography production house in the entirety of New York City over the last 10 years, AND being my hilarious, loving and beautiful friend. 

Introducing baby to pup can be stressful... or just hilarious! 

Introducing baby to pup can be stressful... or just hilarious! 

Photography on a a rainy day in Clinton Hill is never dull with a cutie like this!

Fall Family Shoots with Ana

I'm excited to bask in the golden glow of the changing leaves on the East Coast this year. My family portrait shooting season is cut short this year due to a big, juicy travel trip coming up, so I'm making the most of the sessions I get in October! I'd say the leaves are cooperating nicely.

Connecticut always gives us the truly postcard-worthy Fall experience! 

Connecticut always gives us the truly postcard-worthy Fall experience! 

Behind the Scenes: An Editorial featuring Tristin and Tyler!

Lights, camera, HUGS! This sweet, energetic video was created by Tristin and Tyler, who were a part of my Elephant In The Room editorial for Little Revolution magazine earlier this year.

Tristin and Tyler are twin brothers, media personalities, models + actors who live in NYC and love to check out and share what’s cool for kids on this website and their YouTube Channel! Whether they are sharing the coolest activities for kids on television, checking out the hottest spots for families in NYC in their series What’s Up, City Kid!?doing a live cooking demonstration or getting silly in their upcoming series What If?, Tristin + Tyler are taking media by storm!

Thank you so much, T&T for this fabulous memory!

BEAU for The Fount Collective

I had a special session with a cute little boy last month in the rain, in Greenwich, Connecticut. He charmed me within an inch of my life, and we ran around like mad, running in between the raindrops. 

I wrote about it in a feature I have this month on The Fount Collective's blog.

I wrote about what it means to me to spend time with so many loving families and kids, and how much you give back to me as I make pictures for you. 

Check it out


This lucky little man landed in a house full of girls! With three sisters and his gorgeous mama to dote on him, it's no surprise that this was one of the most sweet and serene newborn sessions I've ever done. At 7 days old, baby Luca was just totally calm and collected, enjoying the attention, giving me a chance to shoot while he was awake, and then soon enough, sound asleep.

Just dreamy.

Snooze away little Luca! We are happy to just pass you around and around. We'll even let Papa have a turn. 


Family circle

Family circle


Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.
— Elizabeth Stone

My favorite neighbor had a baby! And our little world of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, becomes just that much more special. My BFF, my partner in crime, is the most beautiful mother I could imagine. Baby Isla so beautiful already. It's so powerful how this little person arrived as if she was always here, already so calm and inquisitive, already the little Isla she will be. 

Already Isla Lucille&nbsp;can't take her eyes off of her sister!

Already Isla Lucille can't take her eyes off of her sister!


ANA is shooting in Los Angeles in April!

I'm eagerly going out West to wear flip-flops, eat real tacos, and shoot families and kids in the most incredible golden light in the world (that's right, that perfect light is only in California, my home state!)

Space is limited, but please do email for information! Newborns, teenagers, big families, small families, it's all worth documenting. Call me!


When your bestie has a baby, it's always an exciting time. But this little girl's arrival was extra special because I'm already so in love with her older sister!

Newborn shoots at home can be the sweetest experience for a photographer. It's a moment to be a loving, active contributor by directing tired parents into poses that you know they'll feel beautiful in later, but also it's being completely invisible, being the silent documentarian to the momentous occasion that a growing family at home really is. It's their first few hours as a whole. It's such an honor.

I kinda think my job is rad.

Welcome to our world, Stella. I plan to eagerly over-document your life. (with love!)

Battery Park City, New York

Battery Park City, New York

A Twinkling Baby Shower at ABC Kitchen

I've always joked that ABC Kitchen is my happy place. It's white and bright and full of the most wonderful objects, the best of the best from the wonders of ABC Home.


The table setting included little cards for other moms to give their words of advice to the mama-to-be!

And that's all before you've tasted THE FOOD. Oh, the food!

Cake pops and sugar cookies

As a guest at Marcella's shower, you could peer through the glass wall at one end and view the Willy Wonka-esque room of blue desserts just beyond. She planned and designed the entire party with meticulous detail and taste, and the folks in event planning at ABC were so good-natured and smile-y. They work fast and they are crazy-efficient in running an event! Impressed. (Follow them on insta! I do.) 

This baby shower was literally twinkling. The lighting, the happy faces and of course, the SWEETS!

From chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing to glazed doughnuts to snowball cookies, no sweet tooth was left unsatisfied. And the crowning glory? A custom cake by Marcella's very talented cousin, Melissa. The white tower was adorned with tiny, perfect white letters all over for some serious tone on tone loveliness, and then the baby's name in blue. Dreamy!


Most people couldn't take their eyes off the desserts, but the lunch was beautiful too. There were toasts with kabocha squash, fresh ricotta and apple cider vinegar followed by a pear and apple salad with blue cheese dressing, fines herbs and candied pecans and mini akaushi cheeseburgers with herbed mayo and pickled jalapenos, as well as about 50 other amazing things not pictured here. Big fan. Huge!

Marcella's gift bags included these cute little jars that contained all the ingredients to make a batch of cookies! The layers of the ingredients are visible through the glass, they are like a work of art. Absolutely gorge! Find them at DJars Cookie Co.

The kids in attendance had their own craft table where they could make their own crowns, make drawings and paint onesies for baby Luca! 


One of my all-time favorite venues, period. ABC Kitchen!

Sharing this event was really so much fun, poring over everything for hours, re-living the day. I'm resolving to blog more of my special events along with my portrait sessions - especially when they're filled with such DIVINE food! 



A tiny golden goose has arrived! 

Custom wall art by Kultjah

Proud Papa

To document this sweet new life in such a beautiful home is truly a fabulous task. My longtime friend Jenn Falik is a gal who needs no introduction. Her style and taste are legendary, and her newest addition is already carrying on the tradition.

Welcome, Goldie girl! Your big sister can't take her eyes off you. What a lucky duck.

Can you die for this fabulous crib sheet from Little Woolf?


Goldie Nora


new work for Cannon Home

I shot some fun work recently for the fluffy-towel experts Cannon Home, and I've attached a few of the images here! Special thanks to make-up artist Tara Pagliara

The highlight of the shoot day was the resident kitty giving her endorsement to Cannon's beautiful bath rug! Can you believe it? I was lucky enough to see it and have my camera in-hand in time to catch it. 


tiny gazelle

This family has a special place in my heart. Photo producer, child wrangler and former magazine editor Sarah gave me one of my first career "big breaks" when she hired me for an American Baby magazine shoot many years ago, and has been a cheerful sounding board, super-supporter and beautiful friend ever since. 

When she married her hilarious and hunky husband Ethan, ("...yes, you can mention me on your blog, but only about the obvious stuff... like how I am built like a tree, yet move like a gazelle...") I was thrilled, and when little Bennett came along, I floored it out to Connecticut to meet him!

Little Bennett was so happy and smiley... I feel like he is already creating his first one-liners in that sweet little developing brain of his.

Norwalk, CT

Norwalk, CT

I'll be here all week! Tip your waitress.

I'll be here all week! Tip your waitress.

What would you do with a drunken (sleeping!) sailor? (one eye isn't sleeping!)

What would you do with a drunken (sleeping!) sailor? (one eye isn't sleeping!)

stifling a laugh... why's the lady flying over my crib? I think she's gonna fall.

stifling a laugh... why's the lady flying over my crib? I think she's gonna fall.

Look! Bennett has a tiny toupee!

Look! Bennett has a tiny toupee!

Bennett, I can't wait until you learn to talk. Oh, the things you will say!


sister, newly

Here's a recent newborn session I love! Having known this little gal's mama for many years and having shot her older brother only made my excitement for this session more concentrated. There's something really fun about shooting the new sibling of a child I know and love, especially if I also shot them at the same age. I love spotting familiar mannerisms and expressions, and the similarities in this case were visible at just nine days old. Older brother Derek was away in school but trust me - these two are peas in a pod! 

Photoshoots are nap-friendly.

Photoshoots are nap-friendly.

Introducing baby Zoe, the happiest baby on the block. She was one of the most eager subjects I've encountered in forever! At nine days old she seemed to follow me around the room with her eyes. She was very interested in all of us moving and chattering around her as we fluffed pillows and planned our angles. Perhaps a future assistant?

between-shot snuggles

Finally, a snack and some sleep. A job well done!

Finally, a snack and some sleep. A job well done!

14 Faces from 2014 under 14 Months Old!

I'm a big fan of round-up blogposts, in general. I like to post them because it's fun for me to go back through my shoots in a fun reminiscing way, and snuggle back up to those little faces a bit more before the year flips over to a new beginning. I love all these little dudes and dudettes (and ALL the ones not pictured from this year!) and I'm so grateful they crossed my shutterbugging path.

Best wishes for 2015!