BEAU for The Fount Collective

I had a special session with a cute little boy last month in the rain, in Greenwich, Connecticut. He charmed me within an inch of my life, and we ran around like mad, running in between the raindrops. 

I wrote about it in a feature I have this month on The Fount Collective's blog.

I wrote about what it means to me to spend time with so many loving families and kids, and how much you give back to me as I make pictures for you. 

Check it out

rock, rock, twist

Putting a newborn to sleep is no easy feat. (Duh)

I’ve got it! This is the formula. Listen closely. Rock, rock, twist-while-cooing, rock, walk, make SHHHH sound, repeat.

"It works every time!" --said no Mom ever. 

While there's no hard fast rule for getting baby to sleep, I found beauty in the process of trying.  And then I got to read books and chase baby Isabelle's big brother! I left the hard stuff to Mom. 

Night-night, Isabelle...?

Looks like we're almost there! (sigh)

thinking about it...

Thanks for the swaddle! So, anyone up for a round of gin rummy?