rock, rock, twist

Putting a newborn to sleep is no easy feat. (Duh)

I’ve got it! This is the formula. Listen closely. Rock, rock, twist-while-cooing, rock, walk, make SHHHH sound, repeat.

"It works every time!" --said no Mom ever. 

While there's no hard fast rule for getting baby to sleep, I found beauty in the process of trying.  And then I got to read books and chase baby Isabelle's big brother! I left the hard stuff to Mom. 

Night-night, Isabelle...?

Looks like we're almost there! (sigh)

thinking about it...

Thanks for the swaddle! So, anyone up for a round of gin rummy?

New kid on the block

There are many ways to teach responsibility... chores, allowances, learning to save your money and learning to follow through on what you say you're going to do. In my day (so very very loooong ago...) I got to write out my mother's checks for her to sign, making me feel very moneybags-cool, and very in control. With one wave of a very powerful blue-inked piece of paper, people give you things! 

Manhattan, November 2013

Manhattan, November 2013

Now that checks are basically obsolete, I'd imagine that learning how to be responsible is more focused on learning to be a kind and helpful member of the community. Perhaps that starts with... learning to take care of something! Like, perhaps... a puppy! This family has never embraced a challenge so heartily. 

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Tribeca, New York City

Tribeca, New York City

12-week old Graham