rock, rock, twist

Putting a newborn to sleep is no easy feat. (Duh)

I’ve got it! This is the formula. Listen closely. Rock, rock, twist-while-cooing, rock, walk, make SHHHH sound, repeat.

"It works every time!" --said no Mom ever. 

While there's no hard fast rule for getting baby to sleep, I found beauty in the process of trying.  And then I got to read books and chase baby Isabelle's big brother! I left the hard stuff to Mom. 

Night-night, Isabelle...?

Looks like we're almost there! (sigh)

thinking about it...

Thanks for the swaddle! So, anyone up for a round of gin rummy?

july 4th

I spent July 4th in Cape Cod! A house full of friends.

Woods Hole, MA

It was like summer camp for adults. Every day we flip-flopped down to the sandy shore to sunbathe (with 50 SPF, you see, we are 1% more responsible now that we're 30-something...) and to swim out to the floating dock. Our 7-year-old co-camper would call out crazy words, instructing us on exactly what to say in the air as we jumped off. "HAIRBRUSH!$^#*!!!"

And, there was lobster. My brain categorizes lobster under (!!!!!!!)

It was vacationus maximus. And it's on repeat, in my mind, during work this week.

they make a cool sound, too

Sass & Spunk: A tale of Three Sisters!

I could barely believe my luck, a few weeks ago, when the gorgeous Chiaravalle Family strolled into my studio! This gorgeous mom and her three little stunners just knocked my socks of with their playfulness, and we just spent our time spinning, climbing, singing and playing--everything BUT posing! I just love how they interact with each other, each so unique and independent, but each with always a hand on the other, so used to being together. BIG LOVE to these girls! <3