july 4th

I spent July 4th in Cape Cod! A house full of friends.

Woods Hole, MA

It was like summer camp for adults. Every day we flip-flopped down to the sandy shore to sunbathe (with 50 SPF, you see, we are 1% more responsible now that we're 30-something...) and to swim out to the floating dock. Our 7-year-old co-camper would call out crazy words, instructing us on exactly what to say in the air as we jumped off. "HAIRBRUSH!$^#*!!!"

And, there was lobster. My brain categorizes lobster under (!!!!!!!)

It was vacationus maximus. And it's on repeat, in my mind, during work this week.

they make a cool sound, too


New York, what gives? One day, 61 degrees and balmy, the next 18 degrees plus wind chill. It's time to take matters into my own hands. Here's a long-overdue post from my recent winter-escape to Barbados... may these photos and memories coax the sun goddesses and breeze-bringing spirits out of hiding and back to New York, New York... Please. (Please!)


My lovely sea swim partner, we had a moment, we communed...


In Barbados, when we weren't on or looking for the main highway, called the ABC, (which, hilariously, was almost entirely unmarked, by letters, signs or otherwise) we were lying on our empty beach, kayaking, grilling fresh meals at home, exploring the local beer with our neighbors or swimming with the sea turtles, our sea-based neighbors.

A group of five friends, spending time meeting new friends. And all to celebrate the one and only Sarah's birthday! Sarah my love, may we all have many more times around the sun, and may most of yours be by my side. 

The view from the house

Lakeside at Failthe, Part 2!

With our friend Clark Griswold (I mean, Scott) at the wheel, we were sure to get to the lake safely, so after 42 stops for snacks, we managed to arrive safe and sound (through fields of green ferns!) and then jet back out to scoot around the surrounding towns for coffee and dinner after sunning! We took the scenic route a few times. On purpose. We literally spent the entire trip giggling at silly personal jokes and made up words, it was SUCH A FUN TRIP! <3

Ode to St. Martin

I woke up this morning after a lovely sleep-in, and though I felt happy, I found myself lacking in something important... what is it... OH YEAH. A beach! I miss the sun. I miss the sand. And although I'd take pretty much any beach at this point, I'd REALLY love to be on the beach on the island of St. Martin! Here's a little photo meditation I did this morning with some of the shells I brought back from St. Martin... grab a Mai Tai and enjoy!