Lakeside at Failthe, Part 2!

With our friend Clark Griswold (I mean, Scott) at the wheel, we were sure to get to the lake safely, so after 42 stops for snacks, we managed to arrive safe and sound (through fields of green ferns!) and then jet back out to scoot around the surrounding towns for coffee and dinner after sunning! We took the scenic route a few times. On purpose. We literally spent the entire trip giggling at silly personal jokes and made up words, it was SUCH A FUN TRIP! <3

Lakeside at Failthe, Part 1

They say the things that come together at the last minute are often the most memorable, and this Memorial Day weekend is a perfect example of that rule. A fine group of friends and I visited a MOST fine lake, and had a DIVINE time splashing, canoeing and sunning our way through the weekend. It was my first time to the lakes of PA, and I will DEFINITELY be returning, STAT. The water was clear, warm and still, and weather was so fair that we opted to sleep on the floating dock in the middle of the lake!