Weddings by Ana

One of my New Year's resolutions is to re-do my website! (The never-ending un-finish-able task, am I right, artists and entrepreneurs?) Nevertheless, I began that process last month in January, and I took my wedding gallery down off the website while I tinker. 

As I go, I'm uncovering all kinds of beautiful memories of my glowing brides and grooms, and they deserve to see the light of day, er--lights of the internet! So while tinkering continues, I'm posting some images here that I am particularly fond of. 

Black and white images are often heart-stoppers like no other.

Other times, only color will do.

dress by Marchesa Bridal, dress shot on location at El Encanto in Santa Barbara, CA

Shot on location at Atwood Ranch in Sonoma, CA

El Encanto , Santa Barbara, planned by  Tara Bassi

El Encanto, Santa Barbara, planned by Tara Bassi

Sea Cliff Manor , Long Island, New York

Sea Cliff Manor, Long Island, New York


NYC taxi

But before all the legal stuff begins... it's fun to be engaged!

Bryant Park, New York City

Central Park, New York City

Central Park, New York City

Central Park, New York City

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Loving all you lovebirds...


Fall at Age 2

In Central Park, there is so much to see. Together last weekend, 2-year old Layla and I visited Alice in Wonderland, made fallen-leaf angels, and marveled at the remote control sailboats that shimmered happily across the pond. There is almost nothing that didn't make her giggle!  (And seriously, that hot-pink puffer vest? Covet.) 

I've been L's friend since she was six months old. She is always one of the sweetest sessions of the year! My job SO does not suck. 




Central Park, October 2013

the longest day

It's the longest day of the year today! 

Where did the 8:45pm sunset find you? I decided to lay on my back in the grass on the Great Lawn in Central Park, watching the big orange ball fall lower and lower in the sky. 

"Summer afternoon--summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. -Henry James

Central Park, 2013

oh hello squirrel

A squirrel above us wanted to make friends. We know this because he kept dropping acorns on our heads! "Hello, Mr. Squirrel!"

Payton found this hilarious, but we went in search of safer pastures... best to avoid a mid-photoshoot THUNK!


Little Tot, Big City

Though this is little Zayne's last week in NYC, he'll never forget where he came from after our fun frolic in Central Park! These are your ROOTS little Z! NYC, baby!

I was extra thrilled to meet this little tyke after realizing he was a friend of a friend of my family's, and wouldn't you know it--they were the cutest family ever. I should have known! Three cheers for Zayne and his parents as they embark on a new life in a different city... Best Wishes from ANAPHOTO! <3

Here's Zayne's Collage and a sample Custom-designed 8x8 book cover and book page. No two books are the same! Have you inquired about a custom book yet from your shoot? Give us a buzz!

Logan J.'s FIRST-EVER trip to Manhattan!

What a momentous occasion, and I was there to experience it--Logan's first-ever trip to Manhattan! This is the gorgeous little tyke of my good friend and client, and he is quite the heart-breaker. Lovingly nick-named "my little fatso", little L actually drew a crowd as we knelt in the grass and on the hill taking his photos. This is just a sneak peek--more to come! <3

Early Spring in Central Park

I think I may have located (and then hugged) the only tree that has yet dared to bloom in Central Park, (it is quite early still) so here it is in all its glory! There is just one teensy building peeking its way through, and I was so smitten with it that I based an entire photo shoot around this solitary sparkling gem of a tree. Little Max didn't seem to mind, and the warm light on a cool day ended up making for some delightful light... that plus a delightful child... makes a delightful result!