Tribeca, October 2012

New yorkers show their rallying spirit, in the most brilliant way. We all root for each other. Check out how these marathoners helped out their communities on the day of the would-be race. And this is an exceptional slideshow of Sandy photos, so New York.

And here's my favorite tiny New Yorker for today, even from her small stature showing the same enthusiasm for her fellow man as the rest of the taller variety!

oh hello squirrel

A squirrel above us wanted to make friends. We know this because he kept dropping acorns on our heads! "Hello, Mr. Squirrel!"

Payton found this hilarious, but we went in search of safer pastures... best to avoid a mid-photoshoot THUNK!


Sass & Spunk: A tale of Three Sisters!

I could barely believe my luck, a few weeks ago, when the gorgeous Chiaravalle Family strolled into my studio! This gorgeous mom and her three little stunners just knocked my socks of with their playfulness, and we just spent our time spinning, climbing, singing and playing--everything BUT posing! I just love how they interact with each other, each so unique and independent, but each with always a hand on the other, so used to being together. BIG LOVE to these girls! <3