oh hello squirrel

A squirrel above us wanted to make friends. We know this because he kept dropping acorns on our heads! "Hello, Mr. Squirrel!"

Payton found this hilarious, but we went in search of safer pastures... best to avoid a mid-photoshoot THUNK!


Rocker-baby Bella Bear is 8 months old!

Oh, this little face--she gets me every time. I have literally NEVER had a baby react to the flash with such a long string of IMMEDIATE mega-watt smiles! This little rocker chick is really coming into her own, she just loves being the center of attention and turns on the charm ON DEMAND for an audience! From the first time I met Bella, (at age 4 months, sporting a Wu-Tang onesie) she has been one of my absolute FAVES, and I'm so thrilled to share our latest afternoon together... rainy and stormy outside--warm and playful inside! <3