A tiny golden goose has arrived! 

Custom wall art by Kultjah

Proud Papa

To document this sweet new life in such a beautiful home is truly a fabulous task. My longtime friend Jenn Falik is a gal who needs no introduction. Her style and taste are legendary, and her newest addition is already carrying on the tradition.

Welcome, Goldie girl! Your big sister can't take her eyes off you. What a lucky duck.

Can you die for this fabulous crib sheet from Little Woolf?


Goldie Nora


sister, newly

Here's a recent newborn session I love! Having known this little gal's mama for many years and having shot her older brother only made my excitement for this session more concentrated. There's something really fun about shooting the new sibling of a child I know and love, especially if I also shot them at the same age. I love spotting familiar mannerisms and expressions, and the similarities in this case were visible at just nine days old. Older brother Derek was away in school but trust me - these two are peas in a pod! 

Photoshoots are nap-friendly.

Photoshoots are nap-friendly.

Introducing baby Zoe, the happiest baby on the block. She was one of the most eager subjects I've encountered in forever! At nine days old she seemed to follow me around the room with her eyes. She was very interested in all of us moving and chattering around her as we fluffed pillows and planned our angles. Perhaps a future assistant?

between-shot snuggles

Finally, a snack and some sleep. A job well done!

Finally, a snack and some sleep. A job well done!

brand new

My newest little niece is here! As soon as I got the news I swerved off to the nearest Babies R Us to buy a tiny eyelet white dress. The impulse to do that is STRONG and unwavering. 

And then the perfect little face. 

Us aunties grudgingly shared holding-the-baby duties, with the new mama as referee. 

Simone, 10 hours old


Brooklyn, NY 2014

Never underestimate the beauty of a window-lit room. Even in winter, wait--actually... ESPECIALLY in winter. The muted overcast sun in a New York winter actually bounces around the walls of a room in a unique and beautifully crisp way, highlighting the soft, sweet face of the little one you're giggling with. 

Shooting indoors can often be a challenge. It's a challenge I absolutely adore! With a willing subject and an open mind (and a large-ish window!) it's actually a total joy. While I often shoot with flash as well, my heart holds a special place for the purity of window light.

And how about the enthusiasm from 3-month-old Nora? Can you handle this face! I'm not sure I can. Re-boot!



Changing for my close-up!

Changing for my close-up!


I happily braved the polar-apocalypse in New York City today (6 inches of snow, 13 degrees, wind going sideways!) to visit a glorious day-lit penthouse, the home of five-week-old Vivienne! She's truly a chipmunk-cheeked delight.

It's days like today I am grateful for my job as a borough-roving baby-lover... it takes more than a winter storm to keep me from a new human that wants their photo taken...

Big brother Bob was adjusting well, with the assistance of delicious organic treats. It's the effort that counts, Bob. Don't look at me like that. There's nothing in my pocket.

With the storm in full swing, Viv's mom and I were in no hurry to wrap up the shoot. We gabbed and exclaimed as the snow outside the forty-ninth floor actually snowed UPWARDS. (why didn't I take a video! I was too stunned...)

All three of us, Viv included, enjoyed a snowy afternoon wrap-party beverage as the sun retreated into the stormy white sky. 

Goodnight, Viv!

Rocker-baby Bella Bear is 8 months old!

Oh, this little face--she gets me every time. I have literally NEVER had a baby react to the flash with such a long string of IMMEDIATE mega-watt smiles! This little rocker chick is really coming into her own, she just loves being the center of attention and turns on the charm ON DEMAND for an audience! From the first time I met Bella, (at age 4 months, sporting a Wu-Tang onesie) she has been one of my absolute FAVES, and I'm so thrilled to share our latest afternoon together... rainy and stormy outside--warm and playful inside! <3