California Dreamin'... Kuester Style!

Well, my love affair with 8-month old Jesse was love at first raspberry, so imagine the fun I had frolicking around SLO and Grover Beach with this wonderful family! I got to see the California poppies I've missed since moving to the east coast, I ate great fish tacos in the open shade with a warm breeze, and I ate one GIANT caramel apple (in about 43 seconds!) Here's a little snapshot of our day, with an emphasis on the star of the moment--and the apple of my friend Jen's eyes--JESSE! <3

Harlow's Magical Seaside Kingdom, Part 1

Uf--wow! Buh..amazing! Ahhhhhhh... These are my reactions as I stare at this most incredible little girl. Harlow is the precious cargo of one of my best friends from childhood, and I absolutely could not be more enchanted by her little voice, little imagination, her whole little self. And, I'm not at ALL surprised that she's such a clever munchkin--after all, she comes from Ellise & Steve! Hold onto your hats and magic wands... here's Harlow! <3

Welcome to my yard! Would you like a tomato?

OH, how to describe the spunk of little Ella? She just bounced around this gorgeous back yard for the entire time I visited! She loves to chase bubbles, eat tomatoes (and ONLY tomatoes!) and was so adorably inquisitive about my camera! She loved how she could see her reflection in the big glass face of my lens, and peered into it every chance she got. I can't wait to see this one grow! P.S. My friends Julie and Matt are the proud (and LUCKY, i might add!) parents of this most delicious little peanut! <3

Hey kitty cat, would you like to play?

I loved chasing around Christian and Gabriel on the gorgeous April day  at Wilder Ranch, a state park in CA that I remember visiting in my childhood. These spritely twins definitely though that this cat was their long-lost triplet, and were intent on bringing him home! I love the BIG smiles on these boys, they each impart such a twinkle in their expressions... <3

Lauren and Devin: The Secret Garden…

As if I wasn't excited enough about seeing these girls again (I used to babysit them when they were infants!) I got an EXTRA BIG THRILL after arriving at the girls' gorgeous Scotts Valley home and seeing their positively magnificent backyard! It was a true secret garden, of the most magical kind. The hazyness of the day just made the surroundings that much more twinkly! I couldn't help but throw in a BUNCH of garden details, to help you grasp the EXPERIENCE of this day...sweet things all around!