Hey kitty cat, would you like to play?

I loved chasing around Christian and Gabriel on the gorgeous April day  at Wilder Ranch, a state park in CA that I remember visiting in my childhood. These spritely twins definitely though that this cat was their long-lost triplet, and were intent on bringing him home! I love the BIG smiles on these boys, they each impart such a twinkle in their expressions... <3

Twins are a blessing! Wait, where'd he go...?

This little set of peanuts is one very close to my heart, the double-trouble-double-fun children of a great friend and awesome mom in Santa Cruz, CA. At 16 months, when they both run in opposite directions, it's very easy to lose one or the other, at any given time, but thanks to these pro parents, I can proudly say I did NOT lose any twinsies on my photo shoot! TINY VICTORY!! <3