I happily braved the polar-apocalypse in New York City today (6 inches of snow, 13 degrees, wind going sideways!) to visit a glorious day-lit penthouse, the home of five-week-old Vivienne! She's truly a chipmunk-cheeked delight.

It's days like today I am grateful for my job as a borough-roving baby-lover... it takes more than a winter storm to keep me from a new human that wants their photo taken...

Big brother Bob was adjusting well, with the assistance of delicious organic treats. It's the effort that counts, Bob. Don't look at me like that. There's nothing in my pocket.

With the storm in full swing, Viv's mom and I were in no hurry to wrap up the shoot. We gabbed and exclaimed as the snow outside the forty-ninth floor actually snowed UPWARDS. (why didn't I take a video! I was too stunned...)

All three of us, Viv included, enjoyed a snowy afternoon wrap-party beverage as the sun retreated into the stormy white sky. 

Goodnight, Viv!