Brooklyn, NY 2014

Never underestimate the beauty of a window-lit room. Even in winter, wait--actually... ESPECIALLY in winter. The muted overcast sun in a New York winter actually bounces around the walls of a room in a unique and beautifully crisp way, highlighting the soft, sweet face of the little one you're giggling with. 

Shooting indoors can often be a challenge. It's a challenge I absolutely adore! With a willing subject and an open mind (and a large-ish window!) it's actually a total joy. While I often shoot with flash as well, my heart holds a special place for the purity of window light.

And how about the enthusiasm from 3-month-old Nora? Can you handle this face! I'm not sure I can. Re-boot!



Changing for my close-up!

Changing for my close-up!