This lucky little man landed in a house full of girls! With three sisters and his gorgeous mama to dote on him, it's no surprise that this was one of the most sweet and serene newborn sessions I've ever done. At 7 days old, baby Luca was just totally calm and collected, enjoying the attention, giving me a chance to shoot while he was awake, and then soon enough, sound asleep.

Just dreamy.

Snooze away little Luca! We are happy to just pass you around and around. We'll even let Papa have a turn. 


Family circle

Family circle


Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.
— Elizabeth Stone

My favorite neighbor had a baby! And our little world of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, becomes just that much more special. My BFF, my partner in crime, is the most beautiful mother I could imagine. Baby Isla so beautiful already. It's so powerful how this little person arrived as if she was always here, already so calm and inquisitive, already the little Isla she will be. 

Already Isla Lucille&nbsp;can't take her eyes off of her sister!

Already Isla Lucille can't take her eyes off of her sister!



When your bestie has a baby, it's always an exciting time. But this little girl's arrival was extra special because I'm already so in love with her older sister!

Newborn shoots at home can be the sweetest experience for a photographer. It's a moment to be a loving, active contributor by directing tired parents into poses that you know they'll feel beautiful in later, but also it's being completely invisible, being the silent documentarian to the momentous occasion that a growing family at home really is. It's their first few hours as a whole. It's such an honor.

I kinda think my job is rad.

Welcome to our world, Stella. I plan to eagerly over-document your life. (with love!)

Battery Park City, New York

Battery Park City, New York

daddy's girls

Sisters playing on the stoop, summer breeze in the air... today will be a great day. Daddy's girls! 

New kid on the block

There are many ways to teach responsibility... chores, allowances, learning to save your money and learning to follow through on what you say you're going to do. In my day (so very very loooong ago...) I got to write out my mother's checks for her to sign, making me feel very moneybags-cool, and very in control. With one wave of a very powerful blue-inked piece of paper, people give you things! 

Manhattan, November 2013

Manhattan, November 2013

Now that checks are basically obsolete, I'd imagine that learning how to be responsible is more focused on learning to be a kind and helpful member of the community. Perhaps that starts with... learning to take care of something! Like, perhaps... a puppy! This family has never embraced a challenge so heartily. 

Follow mom Carol Adams and her eponymous kids' clothing store TorlyKid on Instagram at @torlykid, and follow their new puppy Graham by searching hashtag #grahamcam!



Tribeca, New York City

Tribeca, New York City

12-week old Graham

Sass & Spunk: A tale of Three Sisters!

I could barely believe my luck, a few weeks ago, when the gorgeous Chiaravalle Family strolled into my studio! This gorgeous mom and her three little stunners just knocked my socks of with their playfulness, and we just spent our time spinning, climbing, singing and playing--everything BUT posing! I just love how they interact with each other, each so unique and independent, but each with always a hand on the other, so used to being together. BIG LOVE to these girls! <3