Presenting Baby Derek! (And WELCOME to the NEW ANAPHOTO blog!)

Welcome to my new ANAPHOTO Wordpress blog! Wow. So much time and effort went into the creation of this blog, it's amazing to finally present it--and I was incredibly lucky to have such amazing collaborators. (Here's lookin' at you Westi and Betsy!) So what's the name of the blog all about? Well, I love to shoot portraits of people in their tiny years, that part is clear.  But also,'s a... a worldview, an outlook, a meditation.

Every time reach into your pocket or blink open your eyes in the morning, Root for Tiny Victories. Savor the commonplace. Blinks. Exclamations. Little poofs of space and time that can be wrapped up in your memory like little twinkling nuggets, little stars that don't ever fade out. Glances, fragrances, little nothingness moments with someone wonderful you encounter, each little lesson put into your path, it's all worth rooting for.  That's how I feel! Who's with me?

Root toot!

Here's a most incredible Tiny Victory... the brand-new 2 week old baby Derek Lobron! He was SO good for the camera today, so serene. He was still and alert for many, many minutes on end... an incredible gift to a photographer, so rare in a newborn. Thank you for having me over to your house Derek! See you soon!