Entrepreneur Spotlight: Abbi Marie Yoga

The objective for Abbi Marie’s photographs was to show the beauty and inner calm of a life lived with a full heart, a life in which “I AM ENOUGH”. For Abbi, this manifests in her yoga practice but also in her world view. We engaged many different elements of her professional dance background to counterpoint the forward-thinking and easy flow of her present and future in the wellness space. Catch her at a Y7 studio near you!

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Tomorrow, I get married

Tomorrow, I get married and I'm totally ready. I'm filled with anticipation and butterflies, but in the very best way. How will I group hug so many of my loved ones at once? Will I remember to thank everyone I cherish? 

I'm on the edge of this huge life change, and doing a tiny moment of reflection. I'm looking forward with a huge surge of gratitude and love for where I've been, and eager on my tiptoes for all that is to come. Tomorrow, I marry the love of my life.

Tomorrow, a Gambuto!

30 Faces from 2013

I really had a beautiful year. From my street in hometown Brooklyn to a sidestreet in Hoi An, Vietnam, I made friends and made pictures all over the earth. 

Yesterday I put 100 names in a fedora (not just any old hat!) and chose 30 names at random for this post, a post of 30 Faces From 2013, a snapshot of 30 of my adventures from this year. All of which brought a smile to my face and an appreciative warmth to my day. 

Thank you to ALL the faces that have crossed my path this year!

With gratitude,


All images shot by Ana Schechter in 2013 and used with permission. 

No, no! Adventures first, explanations take such dreadful time...
— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland