An open letter: Saigon

Dear Mama,

I parked my pillow in Saigon last night. I woke up feeling alive.

It is such a thrill to disappear. To vanish off of the map of my daily routine, to vanish into the crowded lanes of a new city.

Saigon breathes impatiently for me to get to know her. She emits the rumble of a thousand motos and the smell of almost-ready French bread. Tree-lined avenues and grins on faces.

Endless ways to spend the sticky-hot afternoons, searching out a breeze or a game of Chinese checkers. You lay in a hammock. you gossip in a park.

Endless ways of using coconut and condensed milk. I love a city that loves their desserts.

I'm out of doors and out on my own and out in search of today's adventure.

I'll report back again soon.