An open letter: Saigon

Dear Mama,

I parked my pillow in Saigon last night. I woke up feeling alive.

It is such a thrill to disappear. To vanish off of the map of my daily routine, to vanish into the crowded lanes of a new city.

Saigon breathes impatiently for me to get to know her. She emits the rumble of a thousand motos and the smell of almost-ready French bread. Tree-lined avenues and grins on faces.

Endless ways to spend the sticky-hot afternoons, searching out a breeze or a game of Chinese checkers. You lay in a hammock. you gossip in a park.

Endless ways of using coconut and condensed milk. I love a city that loves their desserts.

I'm out of doors and out on my own and out in search of today's adventure.

I'll report back again soon.



The color of sunset

Okay, granted this is an Instagram photo, but the truth remains that the color the sun splashes as it sets over Angkor Wat, is, undeniably... Epic.

Mystically tangerine-orange-pink.

This is a day I won't soon be willing to leave. I won't stop wanting to replay it on loop, in my daydreams. And in the moments before sleep comes.