Behind the Scenes: PowerwomenTV

And then, one day, the sky opens up, fresh air swooshes in and nothing but opportunity lies ahead. One lucky day, the universe aligns itself in such a way that a gem of an experience just DROPS into your lap, and you are never the same again. Last Sunday, at my PowerwomenTV shoot, the one and only Amy Palmer and her Powerwomen set into motion an AWAKENING in me, creating an epiphany out of which I can see my goals so clearly--I see that, starting RIGHT NOW, I am truly embarking on a new and incredible phase of my career! I met eleven fierce, gorgeous, clever and successful women, each who had a vision and a dream, each who then hit the pavement with their own two Louboutins to make it happen.

I am honored. Inspired. And most of all--EXCITED for the road ahead of me, and GRATEFUL for the confidence I'll have on my journey now that I have these incredibly accomplished women as examples. Thank you to each and every one of the women who attended this shoot, I am PROUD to be a Powerwoman!

Meet Amy Palmer, creator of PowerwomenTV... Karen Rabinovitz, creatrix of PurpleLabNYC... Carmen Wong Ulrich, Personal Finance Expert... Lyss Stern, creator of Divalysscious Moms... Donna D'Cruz, founder and CEO of Rasa Music... Melanie Notkin, creator of Savvy Auntie... Vanessa Alfano, creator of Healthy Style NY... Tai Beauchamp, Beauty and Style Expert... Gabrielle Bernstein, mastermind of Add More ~ING...  Amanda Steinberg, creator of DailyWorth... and Beauty Expert and TV Personality Jennifer Walsh.

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