Ashley & Jim: Married!

This wedding was incredibly special. Almost EVERYTHING was handmade by one of the most unique and stylish brides I've ever encountered. Though her crafting cred was impeccable (former crafting editor at Martha Stewart) she was so super zen about the planning. The event was meticulously conceived of and executed but she SO low key in her attitude and stress level. I asked her if she practices meditation! She was so sure of herself, and so sure of their love. It was profound and extremely meaningful to me to be a part of this incredible made-with-love day!

FROM THE BRIDE: "When Jim and I got engaged, we had no idea how or where we wanted to get married. It was a totally daunting process for me because I was never the kind of girl who dreams of her wedding her entire life and I procrastinate like crazy in making big decisions. We knew in general that we wanted it to be a fun party, not fussy, and in a place that's special enough to us that we want to share it with the people we love. In the summer of 2013, Jim took me to Monhegan Island, where he's spent time every summer for ten years, and I fell in love with it as well. It's such a stunningly beautiful and remote place that a wedding there is completely shaped by the island itself, which is a concept we both loved."

"We wanted our guests to experience as much of what we love about the island as possible, so that guided our planning. To that end, we made sure the weekend included a lobster boil, island wildflowers for the tables, Sue Jenkins' (an island resident) incredible blueberry pies, beer from the on-island brewery, guided nature and historical walks, survivor bracelets hand made by the assistant harbor master Rusty Spear, and a ceremony with as unbelievably gorgeous a backdrop as possible: a view of the harbor and Manana, the smaller island which protects it. "

"Choosing a design direction that was basically limited to white on navy and some blue marble pattern made it easy to create extra elements like signs that matched the whole look, which was definitely inspired by the colors and aesthetics of Monhegan. Table numbers were smooth stones we gathered on the island and I painted with white chalk pen. The gift bags were a fun dyeing experiment: I bound 80 dyeable drawstring bags from Dharma Trading in various ways and used RIT navy blue dye in the washing machine to dye them all at once. The best results were the bags I folded and bound using shibori techniques. In addition to the practical items inside the bag (sunscreen, bug spray, snacks and whatnot), I made postcards with Moo using photos my Mom had taken on an earlier trip to Monhegan - she is a talented nature photographer and her postcards were quite a hit! "

"One of the best memories was watching our chartered ferry pull up on Friday night, full of people we couldn't wait to see! Another is how the weather held out through our ceremony but immediately afterwards there was a quick downpour which facilitated moving the guests down to the reception area and of course left a rainbow in the sky.

Probably my favorite part was dancing - Jim carefully made the playlist himself and so every song was one I wanted to dance to! And finally we really loved fulfilling the other Monhegan goodbye tradition of "jumping in" for loved ones departing: Jim and I jumped off the wharf, into the freezing cold waters of Maine, to bid farewell to the majority of our guests as the ferry pulled away, ensuring they will all return eventually!"

Venue: Monhegan House

Map: Designed by the bride and printed by Aper and Pink

Letterpress Invitation and Weekend Schedule: Macon York

Guestbook: Natalie Stopka


By, Monhegan! I'll be back. 

By, Monhegan! I'll be back.