Thank you!

You did it! 

I'm so glad you've locked in your shoot, and I can't wait to see you.

baby at home family session


I know we all get a little camera shy & nervous about looking our best in photos - but I want you be assured that one of my goals is to make EVERYONE look good - not just the kid, but you and your partner too! I'll often give you a bit of direction, turn this way, walk a bit slower, don't look at me, or do... but sometimes I let things just be and you'll just be playing with your kids with very little awareness of me. Trust me, you'll want it this way when you see the photos!

And it's SO much easier getting your picture taken with kids - seriously, way better than posed adult shoots - kids are so present and in the moment and they can help pull adults out of their heads and into the moment with them.



For clothing, the best tip I have for you is to have everyone wear clothing that fits them well. The only impossible retouch for us is ill-fitting clothing that pulls. Even for baby - clothes will block the child's face if too big, and if to small might give the baby discomfort. Newborns are really so cute just in a diaper!

For yourselves, wear something that feels like you! Feel free to compliment the colors everyone's wearing, but no need to match, unless you want to. I'd avoid loud patterns or logos, avoid button-ups if you're busty and the placket might pull, but generally just reach for your favorite outfit and it'll be a great thing to be photographed in since you'll recall how you loved it. 

If we'll be at your house, you can feel free to do a change of clothing halfway through if you're worried about the outfits! 




1. At what age do you usually do newborn photos?

The tiny-tiny photos are typically done around 10 days or 2 weeks old, though don't feel trapped by that if you're not feeling it during that time. Beautiful photos can be made at any age! (see attached, new-new baby, solo, at two weeks, and still-new baby, with mom, at about 2 months!) I consider it a newborn shoot still up to three months. They get more expressive as time goes on! I personally LOVED my three month shoot the most with my newborn daughter.


2. Do you use any props?

I don't bring props from home to home, since the germ issue is real with newborns. But we will style the photos with whatever blankets, heirlooms, surfaces and clothing you have on hand! I can make vendor suggestions if you like. My style is pretty real and candid, I do lots in just a diaper, just a white swaddle, etc. I don't do much of the baby-hanging-from-a-branch or emerging-from-a-tutu-puddle, but if you want to go nuts on Etsy, I will totally support! I'll do it in my clean, naturally lit way. You'll want to purchase those things ahead of time. 


3. Our apartment may be in disaster-mode with the new baby. Are there other spaces you would suggest to shoot in if our apartment doesn't work?

Newborns shoots really are easiest at home because of the controlled environment. I do often rent studio space in Manhattan or Brooklyn for photo shoots, but I wouldn't worry too much about your apartment. In my 13 years of doing this, I've never visited a non-insane apartment for a newborn shoot! Don't worry. I will lead the way to setting the stage and carrying the clutter out of our camera's view. That's part of what I'm there for!