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Pillar & Pen

When I first met Meg and Alvaro, their energy inspired me right away. They are a contractor and designer duo, who can, quite literally, make your home into anything you wish!  

The talented Ashley Jankowski at Braizen is a friend of mine, and also runs a wildly talented team of brand specialists. Their specialty is branding creative small businesses, and they do a beautiful job at it. With the Braizen site design in mind and Meg and Alvaro's passion on hand, we had a fast-paced but focused shoot day. 

We shot a variety of lifestyle headshots for Pillar & Pen, in various locations in the couple's home, using daylight and supplemental flash lighting. After I was sure I'd gotten their personalities and warmth on "film", we moved on to photograph some of their star residential projects!

We zipped around Westchester county, seeing 3-5 of the homes that featured their work the best, so that we could show them on their site meaningfully. In person, the homes' star power is self-evident. We set out to give their talent it's visual worth in pictures, as well.