My own wedding!

Here's a fun thing - thanks to my friend Shannen's beautiful photos, my wedding last October was just published on Martha Stewart! It's been so wonderful this week to go through and re-live the love we packed into that room. I feel so full and happy every time I look at these!

Shannen - your talents amaze me forever and always. 

This photo makes me laugh so hard! I LOVE New York. 

This photo makes me laugh so hard! I LOVE New York. 

Tomorrow, I get married

Tomorrow, I get married and I'm totally ready. I'm filled with anticipation and butterflies, but in the very best way. How will I group hug so many of my loved ones at once? Will I remember to thank everyone I cherish? 

I'm on the edge of this huge life change, and doing a tiny moment of reflection. I'm looking forward with a huge surge of gratitude and love for where I've been, and eager on my tiptoes for all that is to come. Tomorrow, I marry the love of my life.

Tomorrow, a Gambuto!

Color Psychology with Fiona Humberstone in Manhattan

Branding your business can be daunting. But when you work together, it gets easier! Fiona Humberstone, the Brand Stylist, leads an intimate crew of creatives through an enlightening, fun and thought provoking workshop in Manhattan. 

The Brand Stylist, Fiona Humberstone

The Brand Stylist, Fiona Humberstone

Fiona is a passionate teacher. She is warm, enthusiastic and a great listener. But you're well served to do more listening than talking! She's overflowing with knowledge to share.

This workshop was a brilliant day for me, because I got to "audit" it while I documented it! 

Aren't these hanging green things amazing?! They're kokedamas! I need them all over my house. Need! Eco-florist Gloria B. Collins created these gorgeous green miracles, and I'm absolutely in awe of them. 

The food was divine as well! Catered by  Poppy's  in Brooklyn.

The food was divine as well! Catered by Poppy's in Brooklyn.

I'm now obsessed with confetti shooters! 

I'm now obsessed with confetti shooters! 

Good Light Studio  was a beautiful location for a workshop! 

Good Light Studio was a beautiful location for a workshop! 



Kristy + Brian: Married!

Romance in the city... there's nothing like it! 

We all have so much on our plates each week, so to dress up, go out and celebrate the long-time love of two of your friends is a wonderful treat! Kristy and Brian have killer style, and they tied the knot at an incredible old warehouse in Brooklyn called the Liberty Warehouse, with views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. 

The view from the Liberty Warehouse


Kristy has old-hollywood beauty, and when the guests turned to see her for the first time as she floated down the aisle, there was an audible gasp and cheer! 

Her Pronovias dress and rose gold Meredith Kahn engagement ring give you a taste of the luxe details from this March 2015 stunner celebration. Man, I love a proper glamorous NYC wedding!


Leah and Peter: MARRIED!

The BEST part of Leah and Pete's wedding was witnessing their love for each other. But the SECOND best thing about their wedding was discovering the beautiful little paradise called Spring Lake, New Jersey! It's a sweet little town on the Jersey shore that is absolutely charming. The streets are tree-lined and quiet, and the light in the afternoon is golden. 

The Flood's guests enjoyed a long weekend at the beach. There was so much beachfront to explore! I woke up early and strolled the boardwalk with other early risers in town, who seemingly all were walking cute dogs and all waved hello. 

On the day of the wedding, I woke up in our Bed and Breakfast, the wonderful Hewitt Wellington, hearing all the laughter and splashing of the kids, already up at the pool! It was fun to see how wanted and incorporated the children were in the wedding festivities. At the rehearsal dinner, the kids all gave advice for being married! Complete with handmade signs. How adorable!?

And then - it was time to begin the day!

The wind was in full swing! It kept swooping in to join the party, taking us totally by surprise! I loved the spontaneous hilarity it caused, and was happier with every gust. 

The wind was in full swing! It kept swooping in to join the party, taking us totally by surprise! I loved the spontaneous hilarity it caused, and was happier with every gust. 

Wahoo for Leah and Pete! 

<3, Ana

A Twinkling Baby Shower at ABC Kitchen

I've always joked that ABC Kitchen is my happy place. It's white and bright and full of the most wonderful objects, the best of the best from the wonders of ABC Home.


The table setting included little cards for other moms to give their words of advice to the mama-to-be!

And that's all before you've tasted THE FOOD. Oh, the food!

Cake pops and sugar cookies

As a guest at Marcella's shower, you could peer through the glass wall at one end and view the Willy Wonka-esque room of blue desserts just beyond. She planned and designed the entire party with meticulous detail and taste, and the folks in event planning at ABC were so good-natured and smile-y. They work fast and they are crazy-efficient in running an event! Impressed. (Follow them on insta! I do.) 

This baby shower was literally twinkling. The lighting, the happy faces and of course, the SWEETS!

From chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing to glazed doughnuts to snowball cookies, no sweet tooth was left unsatisfied. And the crowning glory? A custom cake by Marcella's very talented cousin, Melissa. The white tower was adorned with tiny, perfect white letters all over for some serious tone on tone loveliness, and then the baby's name in blue. Dreamy!


Most people couldn't take their eyes off the desserts, but the lunch was beautiful too. There were toasts with kabocha squash, fresh ricotta and apple cider vinegar followed by a pear and apple salad with blue cheese dressing, fines herbs and candied pecans and mini akaushi cheeseburgers with herbed mayo and pickled jalapenos, as well as about 50 other amazing things not pictured here. Big fan. Huge!

Marcella's gift bags included these cute little jars that contained all the ingredients to make a batch of cookies! The layers of the ingredients are visible through the glass, they are like a work of art. Absolutely gorge! Find them at DJars Cookie Co.

The kids in attendance had their own craft table where they could make their own crowns, make drawings and paint onesies for baby Luca! 


One of my all-time favorite venues, period. ABC Kitchen!

Sharing this event was really so much fun, poring over everything for hours, re-living the day. I'm resolving to blog more of my special events along with my portrait sessions - especially when they're filled with such DIVINE food! 


Weddings by Ana

One of my New Year's resolutions is to re-do my website! (The never-ending un-finish-able task, am I right, artists and entrepreneurs?) Nevertheless, I began that process last month in January, and I took my wedding gallery down off the website while I tinker. 

As I go, I'm uncovering all kinds of beautiful memories of my glowing brides and grooms, and they deserve to see the light of day, er--lights of the internet! So while tinkering continues, I'm posting some images here that I am particularly fond of. 

Black and white images are often heart-stoppers like no other.

Other times, only color will do.

dress by Marchesa Bridal, dress shot on location at El Encanto in Santa Barbara, CA

Shot on location at Atwood Ranch in Sonoma, CA

El Encanto , Santa Barbara, planned by  Tara Bassi

El Encanto, Santa Barbara, planned by Tara Bassi

Sea Cliff Manor , Long Island, New York

Sea Cliff Manor, Long Island, New York


NYC taxi

But before all the legal stuff begins... it's fun to be engaged!

Bryant Park, New York City

Central Park, New York City

Central Park, New York City

Central Park, New York City

You can see more weddings by Ana here, more engagement shoots by Ana here, and more of everything on my Instagram feed here

Loving all you lovebirds...


Ashley & Jim: Married!

This wedding was incredibly special. Almost EVERYTHING was handmade by one of the most unique and stylish brides I've ever encountered. Though her crafting cred was impeccable (former crafting editor at Martha Stewart) she was so super zen about the planning. The event was meticulously conceived of and executed but she SO low key in her attitude and stress level. I asked her if she practices meditation! She was so sure of herself, and so sure of their love. It was profound and extremely meaningful to me to be a part of this incredible made-with-love day!

FROM THE BRIDE: "When Jim and I got engaged, we had no idea how or where we wanted to get married. It was a totally daunting process for me because I was never the kind of girl who dreams of her wedding her entire life and I procrastinate like crazy in making big decisions. We knew in general that we wanted it to be a fun party, not fussy, and in a place that's special enough to us that we want to share it with the people we love. In the summer of 2013, Jim took me to Monhegan Island, where he's spent time every summer for ten years, and I fell in love with it as well. It's such a stunningly beautiful and remote place that a wedding there is completely shaped by the island itself, which is a concept we both loved."

"We wanted our guests to experience as much of what we love about the island as possible, so that guided our planning. To that end, we made sure the weekend included a lobster boil, island wildflowers for the tables, Sue Jenkins' (an island resident) incredible blueberry pies, beer from the on-island brewery, guided nature and historical walks, survivor bracelets hand made by the assistant harbor master Rusty Spear, and a ceremony with as unbelievably gorgeous a backdrop as possible: a view of the harbor and Manana, the smaller island which protects it. "

"Choosing a design direction that was basically limited to white on navy and some blue marble pattern made it easy to create extra elements like signs that matched the whole look, which was definitely inspired by the colors and aesthetics of Monhegan. Table numbers were smooth stones we gathered on the island and I painted with white chalk pen. The gift bags were a fun dyeing experiment: I bound 80 dyeable drawstring bags from Dharma Trading in various ways and used RIT navy blue dye in the washing machine to dye them all at once. The best results were the bags I folded and bound using shibori techniques. In addition to the practical items inside the bag (sunscreen, bug spray, snacks and whatnot), I made postcards with Moo using photos my Mom had taken on an earlier trip to Monhegan - she is a talented nature photographer and her postcards were quite a hit! "

"One of the best memories was watching our chartered ferry pull up on Friday night, full of people we couldn't wait to see! Another is how the weather held out through our ceremony but immediately afterwards there was a quick downpour which facilitated moving the guests down to the reception area and of course left a rainbow in the sky.

Probably my favorite part was dancing - Jim carefully made the playlist himself and so every song was one I wanted to dance to! And finally we really loved fulfilling the other Monhegan goodbye tradition of "jumping in" for loved ones departing: Jim and I jumped off the wharf, into the freezing cold waters of Maine, to bid farewell to the majority of our guests as the ferry pulled away, ensuring they will all return eventually!"

Venue: Monhegan House

Map: Designed by the bride and printed by Aper and Pink

Letterpress Invitation and Weekend Schedule: Macon York

Guestbook: Natalie Stopka


By, Monhegan! I'll be back.&nbsp;

By, Monhegan! I'll be back. 

Rachael + Cooper: featured on Style Me Pretty

It's finally the day I get to share a wedding closer to my heart than I can put into words. So much love and beauty in one stunning place. And no cell reception to boot! Head over to Style Me Pretty, one of the BEST wedding blogs out there, to view the whole wedding. Big grins all day for me!  

my best friend's wedding.

My heart grew by two sizes yesterday.

I assumed the day would be beautiful and the food good, the friends laughing and the venue gorgeous with candlelight. All of that happened, to the max. But what I didn't expect was to feel my chest swell with such a potent feeling of, "HELL YES." I felt pride, delight and contentment for my best-ever sister-friend, whose happiness is completely intertwined with mine. It feels so overwhelmingly rad to celebrate each other! Your man is just so tops. HELL YES!

Cheering on two people you love is quite possibly the MOST delicious way to spend a long weekend. 

Dude, cheers!

Sash and Mark, I love you both.

GETTING READY! Brooklyn, New York.

Goin' to the chapel!

The beautiful white cape was originally Sashka's grandmother's.

City Hall, Manhattan, New York, NY. Let's get married.

Relax and snuggle.

Change Facebook status.

Lafayette House and B Bar, New York, NY.


Mark and Jeanne: Hitched

It's official. After what might have seemed like !%&@* years of fun, M&J tied the knot, '40s courthouse style. Decked out in Tiffany blue, the bride was literally beaming. I cried real tears when they said their vows. I'm not the only one! Now, scroll down, dear readers. I'll be able to hear your "aww!!" from the LES!

To Mark and Jeanne: CONGRATULATIONS you animals! (P.S. How was Vegas?!)


New York City