my best friend's wedding.

My heart grew by two sizes yesterday.

I assumed the day would be beautiful and the food good, the friends laughing and the venue gorgeous with candlelight. All of that happened, to the max. But what I didn't expect was to feel my chest swell with such a potent feeling of, "HELL YES." I felt pride, delight and contentment for my best-ever sister-friend, whose happiness is completely intertwined with mine. It feels so overwhelmingly rad to celebrate each other! Your man is just so tops. HELL YES!

Cheering on two people you love is quite possibly the MOST delicious way to spend a long weekend. 

Dude, cheers!

Sash and Mark, I love you both.

GETTING READY! Brooklyn, New York.

Goin' to the chapel!

The beautiful white cape was originally Sashka's grandmother's.

City Hall, Manhattan, New York, NY. Let's get married.

Relax and snuggle.

Change Facebook status.

Lafayette House and B Bar, New York, NY.